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Wedding Consultants & Events Management
16 Hampton Road Southport Merseyside PR8 6SS
Tel: 01704 510148 - Fax: 01704 549588 - Mobile: 07813 210624
Welcome To Yume
Yume offers a complete wedding consultation service to help
you make the most of your special day and to make it a day to
remember and cherish for always. Whether you dream of a
romantic church service, a spectacular ceremony in an idyllic
setting or an intimate gathering of family and friends then Yume
has something to offer you.

Yume takes every possible step to make your wedding day a
truly special event and turn your dream into a reality. Each
wedding is unique and Yume works hard to provide a day that
reflects both your individual styles and personalities but then
combines them into one memorable occasion.

Any couple can benefit from the services offered by Yume,
from the use of our knowledge and contacts within the wedding
industry to the help, guidance and reassurance offered by our
expert team. Yume is here to help you through it all.
Maybe the reason you have visited our site is that you have already made the decision to get
married and tie the knot. Congratulations to you. Perhaps you have become aware then of the
amount of work involved in actually making it down the aisle and it is a little bit more than you
thought it would be. Don't despair because Yume is here to provide assistance for you. No
doubt planning such an important event can be very exciting indeed but can be very stressful
too. Trying to find the time to fit the extra work into an already busy lifestyle can seem a little
daunting and it may seem like you are on an emotional rollercoaster. When working to a
budget, trying to find reliable and reputable suppliers, finding spare time for all the extra work
and doing the multitude of jobs that are required can soon take its toll. But don't worry because
Yume will ensure it won't be like this for you.

Yume works for you and with you to help you plan and co-ordinate your dream day. Yume can
reduce the amount of work and stress placed upon you. As an exceptional communicator and
mediator we can guide you through all the potential ups and downs. We can be involved as
much or as little as you desire but you are always in control and make all the final decisions.
The benefits of employing a wedding consultant are many and with our range of skills and
experience you can be assured of a wedding organised by professionals to suit your every

We offer a wide range of services and prices, from hourly consultations to a full wedding
co-ordination, allowing you to structure the right service for you. We know weddings can be
expensive affairs so our payment and pricing terms are designed to be flexible. To fully
understand more about how we work, we ask you to browse our site and to ask us any
questions you may have, either by telephoning us or filling the form in on the contact page.
You can request a free information pack or download our brochure by using the form below.
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